WP Security Scan Plugin To Secure Your Website Against Security Vulnerabilities

WordPress is most popular CMS and blogging tool in web world. Using wordpress anyone can built their site easily without any technical knowledge. Apart from their popularity it is also the most trageted for Vulnerabilities . In this post you will learn how to protect your blog using WP Security Scan from security loopholes.

WP Security Scan to Secure WordPress Site Against Hackers,Spammers And Security Holes

Here are some of the tips-

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  1. Upgrade your wordpress and plugins to latest version
  2. Examine your site for any vulnerabilities. For this task you can use plugin such as WP Security Scan.
  3. Secure your WP-Config file
  4. Use .htaccess file to limit the access.
  5. Secure your password.

WP Security Scan Plugin

WP Security Plugin scans our website for security loop holes and tell the corrective measures.

To use this plugin just install the latest version of WP Security Plugin. Click on WSD Security on admin panel it shows all the information about system information scan and initial scan.

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