How to Optimize WordPress Database

In this blog post we are going to discuss how to optimize WordPress database and improve page loading time. WordPress is one of the most used CMS worldwide. It is one of the most awesome blogging platform. For any successful website/blog performance is the key factor. Optimizing database can definitely make a huge difference in load time. So let’s check what is optimization and how to optimize wordpress database.

Apart from optimizing database you can also reduced page load time by monitoring plugin impact and caching static content in a browser.

Caching Static Content in a Browser

Monitor Plugin Performance and Impact on Website Load Time

Why you need to Optimize Database

Database is the place where all the information, related to your blog posts, pages, comments, settings etc. is stored . Everytime user visit to your website , WordPress fetch the data from Database .If you don’t optimize your database, then at certain point when your database grows(when you have huge data stored in database) it take longer time to fetch the result. As a result your website load slowly.

How to Optimize WordPress Database, For Better Performance

Use Caching – Everytime a user visit to your blog, Your blog fetch the data (Data related to posts,pages,comments generated dynamically) from database. It is very likely that this data didn’t change. Instead of everytime fetching the same result from DB why not we cache.

Advantage of Caching

1. Webpage load faster.

2. Alleviate load from server.

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3. Improve in SEO ranking.

Use W3 Total Cache Plugin To Cache Database Data

W3 Total Cache is an excellent Plugin. It allow you to set database cache and gives you the flexibility to set

1. Lifetime of cache object

2. Set the page which you don’t want to cache.

3. Specify which query you don’t want to cache.

Apart from Database Cache this plugin provides option to set minify option for your css and js files, set browser cache, set CDN and lot more options.

2. Optimize DB using Plugin WP-DBManager and DB – Optimize

WP-DB Manager and DB Optimize is one of the most downloaded wordpress plugins which provides following features.

These plugin helps to

1. Repairs the table, if it has deleted rows
2. Sorts the index pages
3. Updates the table’s statistics, if not up to date
4. Repair and Backup DB.

Use Memcache to Cache Data

Memcache is a high performance object caching , which stores the data in the form of key-value pairs. To use memcache first you need to install it in your server. For shared hosting there is no option to install memcache. If you are using VPS then you can install and use memcache. It is the most effective and fastest way to cache and retrieve data.

Complete article on memcache


There is a many ways you can cache your data and improve your website performance. I mention the methods which i use personally. If you have any suggestions, you can comment below.

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