SVN Tutorial – SVN Commands : Step by Step Subversion Guide

In this tutorial i’ll explain what is SVN , why we use it and it’s popular commands.

What is SVN

SVN (Subversion) is an open-source version control system. It is widely used for maintaining current and historical versions of files and directories. Using SVN you can track changes in files and directories.

How to Install SVN – Download Guide


How to Install SVN on Ubuntu

Linux commands with examples.

Install, Uninstall package through apt-get .


How to Install SVN on Windows

Download the SVN package

according to whether your system is 32 bit or 64 bit. Once downloaded install it and you’r done.

SVN Commands

SVN Checkout command

SVN provides checkout command to check out a working copy from a repository.

Or instead of writing checkout you can use co as well.

This command create the new directory current_project in the current working directory.

SVN Info

Svn info command is used to check information such as Date modified, author, revision, path in repository.

It will shows

a) Repository info from which the object is versioned.

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b) Most recent commit.

c) Any user-level locks held on the object.

d) Local scheduling information (added, deleted, copied, etc.)

e) Local conflict information.

Go to the current project (working directory) and type svn info, it will display all these information.

It shows information such as

SVN commit command

When you made some changes in code then intially it is not save in svn server until you commit your changes through svn ci command.

Syntax –

I have made changes in products.php file so i have to commit those changes in svn. After -m switch mention your comment so that whenever you check logs you know the changes you have done in this revision.

SVN add command – Add new file in SVN

SVN add command add new file in svn repository. While working on some feature you have created new file so before committing changes you have to add those files in SVN .


I have added comment.php in SVN. Next step is to commit your changes.

SVN status command

It prints only locally modified items.

You can use svn st(shorter version of svn status) command for the same purpose.

SVN help

If you need any help, you can use man command in Ubuntu.

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