Find Factorial of a Number in PHP using For Loop & Recursion

How to calculate factorial of a number in PHP. In this tutorial, You are going to learn how to write a PHP code to find factorial of a number using iterative as well as recursive approach. Before solving this problem let’s understand what is factorial?

Program to Print Factorial of a Number in PHP

Program to Print Factorial of a Number in PHP

PHP Objective Practice Questions (MCQ) – Set 2

PHP objective practice questions for interviews. These output questions test how well you understand PHP and it’s programming methodology.

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Yii Framework Tutorial-How to Install and Setup Yii Framework

Yii is a very high performance PHP framework used for development of web applications. It’s free and open-source framework which follows MVC architecture.So now you might be thinking that there is many other PHP MVC framework like Laravel, Symfony, Cake, Codeigniter etc. are available why i use yii framework.The best thing about Yii’s is it’s performance. Definitely If you are making highly-scalable web application then you can’t ignore this point.