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How to hide a folder in Ubuntu , Linux. This question is  generally asked by the beginners who are new to Ubuntu or Linux.  Probably you are windows user who just started learning Ubuntu don’t worry in this tutorial i’ll explain easy way to hide a folder.

How to Hide Folder in Ubuntu

1. Select the folder which you want to hide.
2. Press F2 or Right click on folder and select rename option.
3. Just put dot(.) sign at the beginning of a folder name.

Now the folder is hide.

To check all hidden files through terminal.

All the files or folders started with period(.) are hidden files or folders.

Linux Commands with Examples.

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Hide a Folder in Ubuntu using Terminal Command

To hide a folder, just rename the file with dot prefix.

Rename the folder dummy to .dummy now it will not appear if you list the file using ls command.

How to check RAM in Ubuntu .

How to unhide Files and Folders on Linux


Unhide files and folders using terminal command


Rename the files and folders and remove dot at the beginning.

Chmod Command – Change File Permissions .


If you want to unhide the folder just go to view menu and click on show hidden folders after that hidden folder will appear, just remove dot from the folder name and it appears again.

You can press ctrl + H key to check hidden file.

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