PHP Cookies – How to Create, Set, Read & Delete a Cookie in PHP

PHP Cookies – How to set, read and delete a cookie in PHP?

HTTP is a stateless protocol. It means user sends a request, a server responds to that request without remembering the request later. To track important information (such as user preference, user activity etc.) on a website cookies are very useful. In this blog post, You are going to learn what is a cookie and How to create, set, read and delete a cookie in PHP.

What is Cookie?

Cookies are very useful to store small information in a remote browser (user browser). It’s a simple text file which stores maximum 4KB of data.

Cookies are created by a browser on the request of a server (as per program logic). Once a cookie is created on a user browser, the browser sends that cookie information back to the server using HTTP Header.

How to Store & Retrieve an Array Value in a Cookie

How to store and retrieve an array value in a cookie.  Cookies can only store string values. You cannot store an array directly into a cookie. In this article, We’ll discuss how to store and retrieve an array value from a cookie.

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HTTP is a stateless protocol. Stateless means client request a resource a server respond to that request remembering the request later. So how website knows whether you are a unique user or you have visited previously. How they remember your previous browsing history, language preference etc.