Why And How to Deindex Categories And Tags Pages of WordPress Blog

Is your wordpress categories and tags pages get indexed. Learn how to deindex categories and tags pages of your wordpress blog from search engines.

Why you Deindex Categories And Tags Pages From Search Engines

There is no doubt categories and tags provide easy navigation for your blog. But if you do not deindex these pages it will create the issue of duplicate content and low quality page issue. Because these pages has same meta title as the post.

How to Deindex Categories and Tags Pages Through Google Webmaster

1. Login to your google webmaster tool.

2. Go to Site dashboard > Optimization > Remove URL’s.

How to remove wordpress tags from search engine

How to remove wordpress tags from search engine

You can check your categories and tags pages getting index on google by typing your domain name.

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For example- In my domain i check the tags and categories pages through typing



Deindex Categories And Tags Through WordPress Yoast Plugin

Once you installed WordPress Yoast Seo plugin, go to seo > Titles and metas and then Taxonomies under this you can set no-index to categories and tags pages.

yoast noindex

yoast noindex

I hope these tips will be very helpful to create good SEO.

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