Create Seo-Friendly URLs with htaccess – URL Rewriting

How to create SEO-Friendly URLs with htaccess . How to Rewrite dynamic URLs to SEO-Friendly URLs using htaccess . In this URL rewriting tutorial, You’ll learn htaccess directives through which you can rewrite existing dynamic URLs into more meaningful SEO-Friendly URLs.

Now you are thinking why we need to create SEO-friendly URLs, what’s their need. First, let’s  understand why  SEO-friendly URLs are important.

Recursion vs Iteration – Difference between Recursion and Iteration

Recursion vs Iteration. What’s the difference between recursion and iteration. Recursion and Iteration both are two different programming approaches. In some cases recursion is best suited and in some other cases iterative way of programming is good.

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In programming, repeated set of instructions can be handled either by using recursive or iterative approach in your code. So which approach you choose and why. Let’s talk about recursion vs iteration.

Binary Search using Recursion in C

How to Access Localhost from Anywhere using Any Device

How to access localhost from anywhere using any device.

How to Access Localhost from Anywhere

How many times, you have been working on an application (or an app) and you have designed and completed your application nicely. You have set up everything very nicely on your local system. Now you want to show this work to your client, who is sitting on a remote location.  Also, you want to test this application on a different device ( such as mobile, tablets etc). To do these things, either you have to host your application on a public server, or you can use any service which allows to access localhost from anywhere.

Top Five Websites to Learn Programming Online

Top Five Websites to Learn Programming Online. There is no age for learning and when it comes to learn programming. The online resources are best since you get to know the latest stuff and tricks. Another important reason why you would like learning programming online is that you won’t need any teacher as such and you will in turn save money. So basically which websites are best to learn programming online? We assimilated the 5 best websites from which you can easily learn programming/coding and achieve your purpose.

MongoDB Driver for PHP – Install and Connect

MongoDB is an open-source leading NoSql database. In my previous posts , I explain the MongoDB terminology, installation process,creating and quering DB. In this article i will explain how to install and connect MongoDB with PHP.

Let’s quickly go through the popular terminology used in MongoDB

How to Set Cookies for Multiple Subdomains

How to set cookies for multiple subdomains. In this tutorial, You are going to learn how to set and read a cookie from multiple subdomains.

HTTP is a stateless protocol. Stateless means client request a resource a server respond to that request remembering the request later. So how website knows whether you are a unique user or you have visited previously. How they remember your previous browsing history, language preference etc.

Regular Expression (Regex) Tutorial, Tools, Tester, Syntax

What is Regular Expression

In simple words it is a pattern of symbol and characters. Regular expression is used to search,replace or modify the words/strings. It is the most important part of your daily programming usage whether rewriting url using .htaccess, form validation, validating user input etc.

Regular expression is a sequence of characters and each characters has it’s special meaning. Let’s look at some basic characters and it’s meaning.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Examples, Tutorials – How to Prevent In PHP

What is Cross Site Scripting (XSS). How to prevent this vulnerability in code.

XSS commonly known as cross-site scripting is a code injection technique or attack. In XSS user can inject any malicious HTML, Javascript or any other client side snippet on a web application. It is one of the major security attack after Sql Injection.

MongoDB Tutorial Part- I – Creating a Database

mongoDBMongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database. Document-oriented means it stores the data in a file. MongoDb comes under the category of NoSql database. It stores the data in BSON (Binary JSON) format. It can be accessed through javascript notation and comes with their own shell. It is written in C++.