Top Five Most Used PHP Array Functions for Beginners

PHP Array functionThere is more than fifty array functions available in PHP. You can check the list of PHP array functions. Here i list top five most popular PHP array functions.

To Five Most Popular Array Functions

1. is_array() function



It returns true if the argument is an array otherwise returns false.

2. in_array() function



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mode is optional part in in_array function. By default it’s false, if it’s true then it’s check for type also.

In array function check the search value in an array. Returns true if it present otherwise false.

3. array_merge() function

array_merge() function merge one or more arrays.

array_merge() complete manual

list() function

list() function is very useful when you want to assign an array items to variables.

How to Return Multiple Values in PHP

count() function

Count() function counts the value in an array or an object.

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