Top Ten (10) Linux Commands For Beginners

If you are started learning Linux or any Linux distros (such as Ubuntu,Fedora etc) here is a list of top ten Linux commands for beginners.

Top Ten (10) Linux Commands For Beginners

grep Command

grep command is used to search a string or word in a file. It searches for given arguments by users and return the matching lines.

In this command i searched data in employee.txt file. In output, matching line returned.

Output :


Search a name or string in all files.

r switch is used for recursive search.

How to Copy File and Directory through command.

Shutdown Command

This command is used to shutdown or restart the system.

Above command shutdown the system immediately.

To restart the system

pwd command

pwd command is used to check the present working directory.

shows my current working directory

wget command

Wget is used to download files. To download files just mention url from where you want to download the files

Download and store the file with different name through wget

wget is a very powerful utility to download the files. While downloading the files it shows

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1. Download speed
2. Percentage of download completed
3. How much time remainig for complete the downloading
4. You can also specify download speed of a file through wget –limit-rate

ls command to list directory contents

To list all files and directory

To view hidden files and directory

find command – To search for files

This command search the file through filename in the current directory and it’s subdirectory.

To specify the location of search

It search the file employee.txt on root and all the subdirectories of root.

free command – To check free and used memory of a system

To check the system free and used memory use this command

kill command

kill command is used to kill the process. To kill the process mention it’s PID which is a unique number assign to each process.

To kill the mozilla process

man command – To get help

Man is your help manual in linux/Ubuntu operating system. If you want to know about any command use man followed by command name.

It shows ls manual page where you get all the details regarding ls command.

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