How To Generate Blogger Sitemap For Better SEO

A Sitemap is a list of website pages that are used by search engines bot or crawlers. It is used by search engine bot to know about your website content and it’s pages. For getting better result and SEO you need to create the blogger sitemap.

Why I Need To Generate Sitemap For Blogger Blog

By default the blogger XML sitemap contains 26 recent post so there might be chances that your old posts are not getting indexed by search engines.

Steps to generate blogger sitemap

1. visit to Blogger sitemap generator

2. Enter your complete blog url on the textbox.

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Blogger sitemap generator

3. Click on generate sitemap option to generate the complete blogger sitemap of your blog.

your generated sitemap will look like

Now the complete sitemap of your blog is generate you need to paste this sitemap text on your blog Robots.txt file. To paste this text

i) Go to blogger dashboard.
ii) click on settings, then search preferences , enable custom robots.txt and paste the generated sitemap code and click on save changes.

Now you are done search engines will automatically discover sitemap through Robots.txt file. For better SEO ranking it is recommended that you generate blogger sitemap.

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