C Programming Questions for Practice

C Programming questions on array, linked list, stack ,queue etc. These questions are very important for interviews as well as for exams.

C Programming Questions


Objective Questions for Practice

1. C Objective questions.

2. C Objective question on recursion.

Tricky Questions

1. Print output without using semicolon.

2. Swap two numbers using Bitwise XOR operator.

3. Find missing number in array.

4. Find pair of elements in array whose sum is equal to given number.

Basic Programming Questions

1. Swap two numbers using third variable.

2. Swap two numbers without using third variable.

3. Swap two numbers using call by reference.

4. Count number of words in a string.


1. Bubble sort.

2. Binary search program.

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3. Binary search using recursion.



Stack is a Data Structure, in which insertion and deletion are allowed only at one end. It worked on LIFO (Last In First Out) Principle.In LIFO, the element which added last must be the first element to be removed

1. Implement stack using array.

2. Implement stack using linked list.


Queue is another very important data structure in which element is inserted at one end called rear and deleted at other end called front.  As compare to stack in which insertion and deletion are allowed only at one end. It is also called FIFO (First In First out).

Queue Operations –

Enqueue – Insertion operation is known as enqueue.

Dequeue – delete operation is known as Dequeue


1. Implement Queue using array.

Linked List

1. Program to Insert Node at the head of Linked List.

2. Count number of nodes in a linked list.

3. Print middle element of a linked list.

4. Reverse linked list.

5. Program to Delete Linked List.