Stack Data Structure Implementation using Linked List

Write a program to implement a stack using linked list. In my last post, I have explained the implementation of a stack data structure using an array. In this post, I’ll explain how to implement a stack  data structure using linked list.

Stack Data Structure

Let’s revise some of the terminologies of a stack.

i) Stack worked on LIFO (Last In First Out) Principle. It means insertion and deletion are allowed only at one end. The element which added last must be the first element to be removed.

ii) In Stack, Insertion operation is called Push and deletion operation is called Pop . During push operation if memory is not available then it’s termed as StackOverflow. During pop operation if a stack is empty, then it’s called StackUnderflow

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MCQ on Stack and Queue Data Structure.

Program to Implement Stack using Linked List

I assumed you have a basic understand of linked list. If you are not familiar with linked list data structure then check my previous posts on linked list.

Linked list data structure


Popped element is 6
Popped element is 8



In this program first, we pushed element 4 and 6 in a stack. Stack worked on LIFO(Last In First Out) principle. Then a pop method is called, so 6 is popped out. Again we push element 8 and then we called a pop method which popped 8 from a stack.

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