Binary Search Program in C

Write a code to implement binary search program in c. Given a sorted array, we have to write a code to search an element in an array using binary search.

Binary Search

A Binary Search is used to search an element in a sorted array.  In binary search, we first calculate the mid position of an array.  Then, After that we compare element to be search to the middle element an array. If a value matches with the middle element then the index is returned otherwise the algorithm repeats if the value is less than or greater than the middle element.

A Binary search algorithm is efficient than the linear search algorithm. The time complexity of binary search is O(log(n)). 

Important Points

i) A Binary search  algorithm is applicable only for sorted values. An array should be sorted  either in ascending or descending order.

ii) The time complexity of binary search is O(log(n)).

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Binary search implementation using Recursion

Binary Search Algorithm

Let’s check the algorithm of binary search.

i) Initialize two indexes low and high. Initialize the value of low to zero and high to n – 1 where n is the length of an array.

low = 0
high = N – 1

Run a loop while low is less than equal to high.

Binary Search Program in C

We have discussed binary search and it’s algorithm. Let’s write a c code to implement binary search.

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