Binary Search using Recursion in C

Write a program to implement binary search using recursion in c. Given a sorted array, we have to search a element in an array using binary search algorithm.

We have a sorted array and we have to search an element from an array using recursive binary search program in c.

What is binary search?

Binary Search is a searching algorithm that search an element in a sorted array in O(logN) time complexity.

In my previous tutorial, I have discussed Binary search program in c using iterative approach. In this post, I am going to explain how to implement a binary search program in c using recursion.

Linear search algorithm

What is Recursion?

Recursion is a programming technique in which function call itself until the base condition is reached.

In my previous tutorials, i have explained what is  Recursion and what’s the Difference Between Recursion and Iteration.

Binary Search using Recursion in C

Binary Search using Recursion in C

How to Implement Binary Search Algorithm using Recursion

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Binary Search using Recursion in C

We have discussed what is binary search algorithm and how to implement them recursively. Let’s write a c code which implement binary search algorithm using recursion.


Binary Search using Recursion in Java

Binary Search Algorithm Explained in Hindi – Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I have explained binary search algorithm using example.

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