Yii Framework Tutorial-How to Install and Setup Yii Framework

Yii is a very high performance PHP framework used for development of web applications. It’s free and open-source framework which follows MVC architecture.So now you might be thinking that there is many other PHP MVC framework like Laravel, Symfony, Cake, Codeigniter etc. are available why i use yii framework.The best thing about Yii’s is it’s performance. Definitely If you are making highly-scalable web application then you can’t ignore this point.

Check Yii performance with other frameworks.

Important Features of Yii Framework

1. Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

2. Database Access Objects (DAO), Query Builder, Active Record, DB Migration.

3. Authentication and authorization.

4. Form input and validation.

5. Web services.

6. Error handling and logging.

7. Security.

There are lot of features Yii framework offers. Check complete features and their descriptions.

How to Install and Setup Yii Framework

To install Yii framework, i assume you have LAMP setup and installed in your system.

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Download Yii Framework. Extract the zip file in webroot.

After extracting zip ,let’s move to yii folder and navigate to project root directory. Now i am going to use yiic command line tool to create new project.

Your application has been created successfully under /var/www/learn/yii/firstapp.

Open this application on browser.

Yii Framework Installation.

Now your installation is complete and your first application is ready. Go to firstapp directory you will find following files and folders.

In next tutorial, i’ll explain directory structure and show you how to configure database, create controller and model in Yii framework.

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