Laravel 4 Installation:Beginners Tutorial

Laravel is a popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) based PHP framework. It is built on top of several Symfony components. For running laravel in you system you need PHP 5.3.7 version or later installed.

Some of the features of Laravel Framework

1. Simple and Easy to Use.

2. Restful Routing.

3. Beautiful Templating (Laravel uses Blade Template Engine).

4. Composer Powered (Means you can manage all the dependency through composer).The beauty of Composer is the simplicity it brings to library/application installation.

How to Install Laravel 4

To install laravel, you need composer installed in your system. If you don’t know about composer check my previous article on composer.

how to install and use composer.

I assume you have successfully installed composer on your system.

** If you installed composer globally, run this command on your terminal.

** If you don’t installed composer globally then above command won’t work for you.

Once this done, now laravel is ready for use. Go to root directory you will see following folder structure.

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If you still find any difficulty in installation of Laravel, do check the official website documentation.

Now everything is done, so let’s check by open it in browser. First create a VirtualServer. Open the terminal Go to the root directory (laravel_fresh/). And run this command.

The following message shows in your terminal

Laravel development server started on http://localhost:8000

Now go to browser and check this URL http://localhost:8000. You will see the logo of laravel. Now your laravel installation is done. You can use them for development.

In next tutorial, i’ll talk more about laravel routes and artisan command.

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