Can’t Use Method Return Value in Write Context – PHP Error

I got following fatal error in php can’t use method return value in write context. When this fatal error comes i didn’t understand what’s wrong with my code, as everything looks fine in my code editor. So i started debugging what’s the root cause for this error.

PHP solution for Can’t use method return value in write context

I was using Yii framework. In my Yii application i have written following statement.

To solve current fatal error i break single statement into two. Now the issue is resolved.

PHP manual clearly mentioned following things.

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Prior to PHP 5.5, empty() only supports variables; anything else will result in a parse error. In other words, the following will not work: empty(trim($name)). Instead, use trim($name) == false.

To prevent this error other option is to upgrade your php version. My php version was PHP 5.4 . Now i upgraded to PHP version 5.6. After upgrading my php version this issue is automatically resolved.

How to install LAMP on ubuntu.

I am using Mac so here is terminal command to unlink php 5.4 and install php 5.6 version.

To check current php version.

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