How To Install PHP, MySql, Apache (LAMP) in Ubuntu


How to Install PHP, MySql, Apache (LAMP) in Ubuntu. If you are using Linux or any Linux distros such as ( Ubuntu,Kubuntu etc) you can install LAMP easily using single command .

In this article i’m going to teach how to install PHP, MySql, Apache in Ubuntu using tasksel.

How to Enable/Install apache mod_rewrite and mod_headers in ubuntu

Last week while i was working on url rewriting i face the problem. I had written the rule in .htaccess but forget to enable the mod_rewrite. Remember your .htaccess rule will not work until you enable the mod_rewrite.

How to install apache2 on ubuntu

Go to terminal (ctrl+Alt+T) and write the following command

Once apache2 installation is complete. Write the command mentioned below to enable mod_rewrite

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After enable the mod_rewrite do the changes on following file

After done the changes restart the apache.

To restart apache2

Enable mod_headers in apache

Remember to restart apache 

So to restart apache2 write through terminal