How to Check RAM Size in Ubuntu – Terminal Command

How to check RAM size in Ubuntu. In this tutorial, You are going to learn linux command to check RAM size and system memory information.

Check RAM Size in Linux, Ubuntu

To check RAM in your Linux system open the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and type the following command mentioned below.

Linux commands with examples

Display the RAM size in Megabytes (MB).

Output –

This command will show your total,free and used RAM.

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The free command displays free and used memory in the system. free -m  displays the amount of memory in megabytes.

To Display the RAM size in Gigabytes(GB). Use command free -g.

How to Install, Uninstall packages using apt-get utility.

If you want check the linux RAM size in Kilobytes(KB). Then type command free or free -k.

You can get complete system memory information by typing following command.

If you know some other better ways to check system and ram information then let us know through your comments.

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