How to Install, Uninstall & Remove phpMyAdmin – Ubuntu

How to install, uninstall and remove phpMyAdmin from Ubuntu. phpMyAdmin is a very popular MySql Administration tool used my million of developers. 

How to Install MySql Workbench on Ubuntu

What is phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdminphpMyAdmin is very popular MySql administration tool. Using phpMyAdmin, you can do a lot of administrative work through their user interface such as (managing databases, tables, columns, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc).

How to Install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu

Before installing phpMyAdmin, I assume you have already installed LAMP in your system. If you have not installed LAMP, then check my previous tutorial on how to install LAMP on Ubuntu.

To install phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu,  open the terminal and type following commands.

apt-get is a popular package management tool used in Debian Linux distributions.

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Now your phpMyAdmin installation is in progress. To configure installation correctly it asks some questions.

How to Install, Uninstall & Remove phpMyAdmin

How to Install, Uninstall & Remove phpMyAdmin

* Choose apache2 and press ok.

* In next prompt, select yes when asked whether to use dbconfig-common to set up the database.

* In final and last prompt it’ll ask database administrator’s password. You will then be asked to choose and confirm a password for the phpMyAdmin application itself.

After following steps your installation is complete. To open phpMyAdmin in web browser use this Url http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ .

How to Uninstall & Remove phpMyAdmin from Ubuntu

This question has asked by many peoples on my webrewrite facebook page.

To uninstall phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu just type the following command.

This command will remove phpMyAdmin from your Ubuntu system.

How to increase phpMyAdmin file size import limit

If you are still facing any issue, you can ask through comments.

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