What is Output Buffering in PHP, It’s Advantage and Usage

What is Output Buffering

PHP sends data to your web browser as soon as it is ready – this might be line by line or in chunks. It makes your webpage slow and you have to maintain the order in which the data need to be sent. What Output buffering do is, It stores the data in buffer. It returns the data to the browser when buffer is flush. When buffer is flush then all the data is sent at once instead of chunks.

MongoDB Driver for PHP – Install and Connect

MongoDB is an open-source leading NoSql database. In my previous posts , I explain the MongoDB terminology, installation process,creating and quering DB. In this article i will explain how to install and connect MongoDB with PHP.

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Let’s quickly go through the popular terminology used in MongoDB

How to Store & Retrieve an Array Value in a Cookie

How to store and retrieve an array value in a cookie.  Cookies can only store string values. You cannot store an array directly into a cookie. In this article, We’ll discuss how to store and retrieve an array value from a cookie.

My previous post related to Cookies.

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2. How to set a cookie on multiple subdomains


How to Set Cookies for Multiple Subdomains

How to set cookies for multiple subdomains. In this tutorial, You are going to learn how to set and read a cookie from multiple subdomains.

HTTP is a stateless protocol. Stateless means client request a resource a server respond to that request remembering the request later. So how website knows whether you are a unique user or you have visited previously. How they remember your previous browsing history, language preference etc.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Examples, Tutorials – How to Prevent In PHP

What is Cross Site Scripting (XSS). How to prevent this vulnerability in code.

XSS commonly known as cross-site scripting is a code injection technique or attack. In XSS user can inject any malicious HTML, Javascript or any other client side snippet on a web application. It is one of the major security attack after Sql Injection.

MongoDB Tutorial Part- I – Creating a Database

mongoDBMongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database. Document-oriented means it stores the data in a file. MongoDb comes under the category of NoSql database. It stores the data in BSON (Binary JSON) format. It can be accessed through javascript notation and comes with their own shell. It is written in C++.