Tools to Check Sql Injection Vulnerability

In my previous post, i have written about What is sql injection and how to prevent it. In this article, you will learn about some popular tools which is used to detect Sql Injection vulnerability.

How to Install Disqus Comment System on Blogger/Blogspot

How to install disqus comment system on Google blogger. In this tutorial i’ll explain how to customize your blogger comment system using disqus.

Before we integrate disqus comment system let’s understand what is disqus and how it can improve user engagement.

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What is Disqus comment system ?

disqus sign upAs per disqus website it is a feature rich comment system which is used by many websites and blogs across the world. It provides easy administration,moderation and advanced integration options.

Google Adsense New Large 970*90 Ad Unit

Google adsense has recently launched it’s new 970*90 ad unit and it’s name is Large Leaderboard. This new 970*90 ad unit is best for high width websites and blogs.Google adsense has other horizontal add unit such as 728*90,468*15 but this is the most widest one. To use this add unit go to your adsense account and use this.

VI, VIM Commands , Cheat Sheet

Vi is a default editor in Linux operating systems. Vim is basically the improved version of the Vi editor. In this tutorial, We will learn Vi commands.
If you are new to Linux operating system and you don’t know how to start with Vi, Vim editor then in this tutorial we’ll important commands and their usage .

vi,vim editor beginners guide

Top ten most useful Linux commands for beginners

I already mentioned Vi is a default editor in Linux , Ubuntu and all other flavors of Unix operating system. To use Vim editor you need to installed it first.