How to Measure 4L Water with 3L and 5L Jugs

You have two jugs of capacity 3L and 5L. There is no measurement lines on jug. You need to measure 4L water using 3L and 5L jug. You can use extra water as much as you need. This is one of the favourite interview question asked by interviewer to check how you think.

How to Measure 4L Water with 3L and 5L Jugs

There is multiple approach to solve this problem. Here is the answer

i) Fill 5L jug and then pour this water into 3L jug. Now in 5L jug you have 2L water remaining.

ii) Empty out the 3L jug. Pour the 2L water remaining into 5L jug to 3L jug.

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iii) Now 5L jug is totally empty. Fill it 5L jug again with water and pour 1L into 3L jug. Now what remaining in 5L jug is exactly 4L of water.

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