PHP Composer : Manage Package Dependency in PHP

What’s a PHP composer? How to use PHP composer in your PHP Application? What are the benefits of using composer in your application?

PHP Composer is a dependency manager. It manages the dependency of PHP packages in your application. Using composer you can pull the required library and dependencies and manage them in one place. The concept of a composer is similar to npm in node.js and gem in Ruby.

Let’s first understand what is a dependency.

What is Javascript (js),CSS Minification and it’s Advantage

First let’s understand what is minification and what’s the advantage of minifying css and javascript.

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Minification is the process to remove all spaces,comments,characters

Cannot Modify Header Information, Header Already Sent Error

If you are working on PHP, chances are you might familiar with Cannot Modify Header Information, Header Already Sent Error . In this post i am trying to explain what is the actual cause of Header already sent error and how you avoid this.

Before we dig into this error, first let us know what is Header