Implementation of Stack in PHP

Stack is a very important data structure in computer science, It works on the principle of last-in-first-out (LIFO ). The element which inserted last is the first element to be popped. In this tutorial, You will learn about stack data structure and how to implement a stack in PHP.

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In Stack, insert and delete operations are done from a single end. Insertion and deletion operations are called as push and pop.

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Push – To insert an element in a Stack.
Pop – To delete an element from a Stack.

Before any push operation in a Stack, we need to check whether there is a sufficient space available for a new element. If memory is not available then we throw an exception of Stack Overflow. Similarly in pop operation, if a stack is empty then we throw an exception of  Stack Underflow.

Implementation of Stack in PHP

We have learned about a stack and it’s basic operations. Let’s implement them in PHP.

Application of Stack Data Structure

i) When functions are called.

ii) In recursion.

iii) Evaluation and conversion of expressions.


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