How to Reverse a String in Javascript

How to reverse a string in Javascript. In this tutorial, I am going to explain three simple ways to reverse a string in javascript. This question is asked by Shashank on my WebRewrite Facebook page.  

How to Reverse a String in Javascript – Method 1

Javascript does not provide direct method for string reversal. Using little trick, we can reverse a string in javascript by using in-built functions.

In Javascript, we can easily reverse a string using split, reverse and join method.

Javascript Array Methods

In the above code example, first we are splitting the string into individual character array, then we are reversing the character array and finally we join them back together with no space in between.

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I am going to explain step by step, how above code snippet reverse a string.

Create function.

Check value exists in array using Javascript

Add Reverse Method to String Prototype

Reverse a String in Javascript using Custom Method

i) We have seen, how we can reverse a string in javascript using in-built method. In this example, we are going to create a custom function which reverse a string using swapping.

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