Magic Methods in PHP

Magic method are specialized method that is executed in response to a specific PHP event. Each magic method is prepended with two underscores. It triggers custom behaviour and defined by programmer inside the class. Some of the magic methods are __construct(),__destruct(), __toString(), __get(), __set(), __call() etc.

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__construct() and __destruct()

__construct is called when an object of a class is created. It is the first method which is called when object is created.

__destruct is called when object of a class is destroyed.

Take an example


__get() is called when the object of a class try to read a property or variable that is inaccessible or unavailable.

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**inaccessible means either the property is not defined or it is not public

When you execute this code it print Unavailable Age


__set() is called when code tries to set a method that is not accessible.

** If __set() is used to set property that doesn’t exit, the new property will be public.


It is called when method of class called does not exist or inaccessible.


It allows you to set a string value for the object that will be used if the object is ever used as a string

Cons of Magic Method

1. Magic methods are slow.

2. Magic method is public so it ignores scope.

Magic Method Manual

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