Create Seo-Friendly URLs with htaccess – URL Rewriting

How to create SEO-Friendly URLs with htaccess . How to Rewrite dynamic URLs to SEO-Friendly URLs using htaccess . In this URL rewriting tutorial, You’ll learn htaccess directives through which you can rewrite existing dynamic URLs into more meaningful SEO-Friendly URLs.

Now you are thinking why we need to create SEO-friendly URLs, what’s their need. First, let’s  understand why  SEO-friendly URLs are important.

Deny Access of Files,Folders through htaccess – Deny from All

How to Deny access of Files and Folders through .htaccess File

How to Deny access of Files and Folders through .htaccess File

How to restrict direct access of files and folders through .htaccess file. In this tutorial, I’ll discuss some .htaccess directives through which you can deny direct access of files and folders.

What is .htaccess File ?

.htaccess is a configuration file used by a web server (Apache). The fullform of htaccess is Hypertext Access. htaccess files are used to override server global configuration for the directory level in which you place this file.

Recursion vs Iteration – Difference between Recursion and Iteration

Recursion vs Iteration. What’s the difference between recursion and iteration. Recursion and Iteration both are two different programming approaches. In some cases recursion is best suited and in some other cases iterative way of programming is good.

In programming, repeated set of instructions can be handled either by using recursive or iterative approach in your code. So which approach you choose and why. Let’s talk about recursion vs iteration.

Implementation of Binary Search using Recursion.