PHP Traits Explanation with Example

PHP Traits

PHP Traits

PHP 5.4 introduces the concept of traits. In PHP 5.4 version several new features was introduced, one such feature was PHP traits.

PHP traits help us to minimize code duplication in our codebase. Until the concept of traits, PHP uses classical inheritance model in which one class can inherit only one class. But sometimes, it is beneficial to inherit from multiple classes to avoid code duplication. To solve this problem, PHP community introduces the concept of traits.

Function Array Dereferencing in PHP 5.4

In my previous post i have discussed new features of PHP 5.4 such as concept of Traits and shorter syntax of array.

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In this post i’ll discuss the concept of function array dereferencing which is introduced in PHP 5.4. In simple words function array dereference means when array is returned, pick the value directly from it.