Disable Radio Button using Jquery/Javascript

How to disable radio button using Jquery and Javascript snippet.  While displaying data to user many times we require an option to enable or disable some information or area based on radio button click.

How to check if value exists in array.

Disable Radio Buttons using their Value Attribute

Let’s first create two radio buttons in our form. Now we want to disable only radio button whose value is A.

Creating these two radio button

Jquery code to disable the radio button whose Value is A.

Redirect page through javascript and jquery.

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Disable Radio Buttons using ID

Javascript Code

Jquery Code

Disable All Radio Buttons

Sometimes we required to disable all radio buttons based on some checkbox or button clicked.

If all those radio buttons have common class then it’s very easy to disable.

Get the Value of Selected Radio Button


I have tried my best to include examples which is commonly used. If you want to add anything please mention in your comment so that other readers also take the advantage of your knowledge.

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