How to Select NULL Values in MySql

How to select null values in MySql. Misunderstanding NULL is a common mistake beginners do while writing a MySql query. While writing a query in MySql most of them compare column name with NULL. In MySql NULL is nothing or in simple word it is an Unknown Value so if you use comparison operator for NULL values you’ll get an empty result.

In this tutorial, We are going to learn how to write a query to select NULL values in MySql.

Difference Between Inner Join and Left Join

To understand this concept, let’s first create a table and insert some dummy values.

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How to Select NULL Values in MySql

How to Select Null Values in MySql

How to Select Null Values in MySql

Let’s see what happens when comparing emp_pan_card with NULL value.

Second Mistake

The NULL and ‘ ‘ (empty string) both are different. NULL means the value is unknown while an empty string represents a blank value.

This query will return an empty result. In MySql, NULL is never equal to anything, even another NULL.

** Never use arithmetic comparison operators such as =, <, or <> for NULL. If you use any arithmetic operator with NULL, the result is NULL.

To select rows which contain NULL values in a table, you have to use IS NULL condition.

To select rows where emp_pan_card column is not null we have to use IS NOT NULL condition.

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