Phalcon PHP Framework Installation Tutorial Guide

Phalcon is an open source, MVC based PHP framework. Apart from promoting MVC architecture, they offers you a lot of in-built features for faster web development such as ORM (Object Relational Mapping),Templating Engine (Volt),Events Management, Encryption, caching, Validation/Escaping/Filters etc.

Check all the features on Phalcon.

How Phalcon is Different from other PHP Frameworks

Phalcon is different from other PHP framework, as it’s a PHP module written in C which offers you high performance and low resource consumption.

Let’s explain this, What’s happen in PHP, for every request all files are read from hardisk interpreted and translated into a bytecode, and then executed. So for every request the same thing happens which leads to performance loss. But in case of Phalcon whole C extensions are loaded together with PHP one time on the web server’s daemon start process. The code isn’t interpreted again and again as it is already compiled to a specific platform and processor.

Check benchmark result.

Phalcon benchmarks result

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How to Install Phalcon Framework

I assume you have LAMP installed on your Ubuntu system. Let’s install this framework on Ubuntu.

After installation is complete. Add extension to php.ini file.

In next step restart Apache webserver so that extension will be loaded.

For windows and mac platform check Phalcon Download page

Once installed check phalcon extension.

This script prints all installed extension.

You can also check through by phpinfo().

If the extension is still not loaded, then use following commands.

After that restart the Apache webserver.

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