Difference Between Double (==) and Triple (===) Equals in Javascript

What’s the difference between double and triple equals operators .  Javascript supports both supports strict equality (===) and type-converting equality (==).

In the beginning it’s seems confusing to me when i see comparison using triple equals. Later i know the reason why triple comparison is used.

In this post i am going to explain what’s the difference between double(==) and triple(===) equal operators.

How To Install PHP, MySql, Apache (LAMP) in Ubuntu


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How to Install PHP, MySql, Apache (LAMP) in Ubuntu. If you are using Linux or any Linux distros such as ( Ubuntu,Kubuntu etc) you can install LAMP easily using single command .

In this article i’m going to teach how to install PHP, MySql, Apache in Ubuntu using tasksel.

Colordiff Command In Ubuntu Terminal To View Colorize Diff Of Files

If you are using diff command in Linux/Ubuntu to view diff between two files then definitely colordiff is very awesome tool for you. As compared to diff command it shows the difference between two files in color highlighting. As diff command is not very useful for visual inspection.

WP Security Scan Plugin To Secure Your Website Against Security Vulnerabilities

WordPress is most popular CMS and blogging tool in web world. Using wordpress anyone can built their site easily without any technical knowledge. Apart from their popularity it is also the most trageted for Vulnerabilities . In this post you will learn how to protect your blog using WP Security Scan from security loopholes.

WP Security Scan to Secure WordPress Site Against Hackers,Spammers And Security Holes

Here are some of the tips-

SVN Tutorial – SVN Commands : Step by Step Subversion Guide

In this tutorial i’ll explain what is SVN , why we use it and it’s popular commands.

What is SVN

SVN (Subversion) is an open-source version control system. It is widely used for maintaining current and historical versions of files and directories. Using SVN you can track changes in files and directories.