Binary Search in Java

Write a program to implement Binary Search in Java. In this tutorial, we are going to implement a binary search algorithm in Java. Before implementing this algorithm, let’s first understand what is binary search and how it works.

Java Program to Reverse a String using Recursion

Write a java program to reverse a string using recursion. In this tutorial, I am going to explain how to write a java code which reverse an input string using recursion. I have also added the video at the end of this tutorial.

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For example :

Input String: Object
Output String: tcejbO

Find GCD of Two Numbers using Recursion – Java Code

Write a Java program to find GCD of two numbers using Recursion. Given two input integers, we have to write a code to find GCD of two numbers using recursion. For this program, I assume you are familiar with the concept of recursion. If you don’t know about recursion then check my previous post on recursion vs iteration.

Find First Non-repeated Character in a String – Java Code

Write a java program to find first non-repeated character in a string. Given an input string, find it’s first non-repeated character in a string.

For example –

i) Input string – java
Output – j (j is the first non-repeating character in a string)

ii) Input string – web rewrite
Output – b (b is the first non-repeating character in a string)

PHP Code to Find Second Largest Number in Array

Write a PHP code to find second largest number in array. Given an unsorted array, we have to write a PHP program to find the second largest number in an array.

Apart from solving this problem. We have to focus on time complexity. As the time complexity of an algorithm is very important in terms of an interview.

Anagram Program in Java : Check whether Two Strings are Anagrams of each other

Write a anagram program in java or Java program to check anagram. In this programming question, we are going to write a java code to check whether two strings are anagrams of each other.

Let’s first understand what is an anagram? and how we are going to solve this problem.

What is an Anagram?

Two strings are said to be anagrams of each other if it contains the same characters, only the order of characters in both the strings is different. In other words, both strings must contain the same exact letters in the same exact frequency.