Skype 4.1,4.2 Can’t Connect Error

Skype 4.1,4.2 Can't Connect ErrorYesterday i try to login on my Skype account and it shows skype can’t connect error. I try many times but everytime it shows same error. I am using Skype 4.1 version on my Ubuntu 12.04 OS for long time. So first i thought may be i enter wrong credential that’s the reason, it’s not working. Then i reset my skype password and again try to login. The same error appears again.
When i search this problem on Google, I found Skype has released version 4.3 . So older versions of Skype will stop working.

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How I Solve Skype 4.1,4.2 Can’t Connect Issue

1. First i uninstall my Skype 4.1 version from my system. Command to Uninstall Skype through terminal.

Learn more about apt-get package.

After this reboot the system.

2. Downloaded Skype recent 4.3 Version

Skype 4.3

If you are downloading for Ubuntu system following package is downloaded.


To install debian package use following command.

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