Reset Auto-Increment In MySql

mysqlIn this post i going to demonstrate how to reset auto-increment value in MySql. There is no doubt MySQL provides an awesome feature called auto-increment. We assign the auto-increment attribute to a column of a table. Every time new row is inserted it increments the value. By default the auto-increment column is primary key of a table.

Some times you want to reset auto-increment value in mysql

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To illustrate this let’s create one dummy table

Insert some dummy value

Now table is created and three rows inserted into it.

Let’s check Delete all the records . To Delete the data run

Now if you insert any new value it auto-increment the value to 4.

How to Reset Auto-Increment In MySql

1. Reset MySql Auto-increment through Alter Command.

It resets the auto-increment value to 1. So can specify any other value as well.

2. Using Truncate.

The TRUNCATE TABLE statement removes all the data of a table and reset auto-increment value to zero. T

Hope these two tips are very helpful to reset the auto-increment value. If you find any other methods you can share it through comments.


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