Print Output without using a Semicolon in C, C++

Write a C, C++ program to print output without using a semicolon. How to solve this problem think for a moment before checking an answer.

In C, C++ every line is terminated with a semicolon.  So, how do you print output without using a semicolon. This question requires a little trick to solve it. But don’t worry, In this post you’ll learn how to solve this problem.

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C, C++ Program to Print Output without Using a Semicolon

Let’s solve this problem. In C, C++ you can’t directly write a statement without using a semicolon. But you can use condition to print hello world without using a semicolon. Seems confusing, let’s write a code.

In this program, I have not used a semicolon and we have printed hello world without using any semicolon in our program.

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