C Program to Print Fibonacci Series using Recursion

Write a C program to print Fibonacci Series using recursion. Given an input number, we have to write a code to print Fibonacci series up to that number using Recursion.

This question is very important in terms of technical interviews.

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What is Recursion?

In recursion, A function calls itself until the base condition is reached. Recursive code is much cleaner and shorter as compared to iterative code.
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C Program to Print Fibonacci Series using Recursion

C Program to Print Fibonacci Series using Recursion

What is Fibonacci Series?

In Fibonacci series, the first two numbers are 0 and 1 and each subsequent number is the sum of previous two numbers.

0 ,1 , 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 ……………….

In mathematical terms, the Nth term of Fibonacci numbers is defined by the recurrence relation.

  • fibonacci(N) = fibonacci(N – 1) + fibonacci(N – 2)
  • whereas  fibonacci(0) = 0 and fibonacci(1) = 1

C Program to Print Fibonacci Series using Recursion

We have learned about Fibonacci series and it’s mathematical recurrence relation. Let’s write a C program to generate Fibonacci series using recursion.

Program Logic

1. Return 0 if the input number is 0, 1 if the input number is 1.

2. If number is greater than 1 then return func(n-1) + func(n-2)func is the name of a function.

Explanation – Suppose an input number is 4.

The Fourth element of Fibonacci series is 3. Similarly, other elements are printed in the same way.

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