P3 Plugin:Monitor WordPress Plugin Impact on Load Time

Plugin is a great way to add new feature and functionality to your WordPress blog and websites. But unfortunately it can increase your website load time if not monitored.

Why Plugin Slow Down My Website

For every plugin you add in your WordPress website for new feature and functionality. At the time of page load your server needs to do more work, in terms of executing code, running more queries to load plugin functionality.If it is poorly coded, then they can affect your website load time. So Monitoring is the key to save your website to slowdown.

How to Monitor Which Plugin Slowdown My Website

You can monitor the plugin perfomance through P3(Plugin Performance Profiler).When you run P3 plugin it measure your page load times and plugin impact on each page load.

It shows the report in a nice pie chart which displays the plugins which took the longest time to load.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

P3 Profiler

Using P3 Monitor Plugin Impact on WordPress Website Load Time

It gives you the detailed overview of

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1. No. of active plugins.

2. Plugins load time and impact on page load.

3. No of MySql queries run on each visit.

In advanced metrics of P3, You get the detailed overview in terms of

1. Site Loading Time

2. Plugin load time

3. No. of PHP function call

4. Memory usage etc.

P3 Advance Metrics

To monitor plugin impact on my website, I prefer P3 Plugin.

Tips to Improve Loading Time of Website

1. Cache static contents of a website.

2. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network).

3. Optimize Database.

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