Using Interface in PHP

In this blog post, I’ll discuss what is an interface in PHP. How interfaces help us to manage codebase. What’s the importance of an interface in our code ?

What is Interface in PHP ?

Interfaces allow you to define a common structure for class. You can think an interface as a contract. Through interfaces, we lay out some rules, the classes that implement interfaces must follow those rules.

NOTE : Interfaces will not add any additional functionality in your code but it outlines a standard format to which your classes need to use.

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How to Create and Implement an Interface in PHP

An Interface can be created through interface keyword followed by interface name. In interfaces, methods are not defined, the class which implements must define all the methods of an interface. All the methods declare in an interface should be public. Unlike an  abstract class, PHP class can implement multiple interfaces.

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Let’s create a cache interface which has two methods such as setKey and getKey. Any class which implements Cache interface, define a setKey and getKey method.

To use interface in a class, implements keyword is used.

Some predefined interfaces in PHP.

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Why We Use Interfaces in our Code ?

i) An interface allow  us to hide an implementation details.

ii) To implement multiple behaviours into a single class (build complex types)


The use of Interfaces , Abstract Classes,  Traits in a program is not mandatory but it allows you to manage code and keep it well structured.

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