Multiple File Upload in PHP using DropzoneJS – Drag and Drop

How to create drag and drop multiple file upload in PHP using DropzoneJS. In this tutorial you’ll learn about how to build multiple file upload feature using DropzoneJs.

Dropzone Multiple File upload

DropzoneJS is highly customizable, an open source library that provides drag’n’drop file uploads with image previews.

In this tutorial, i’ll show you how to use DropzoneJs to create nice drag and drop file upload feature.

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Create Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload using DropzoneJS

To use DropzoneJS first download and include it’s CSS and Js.

Download Dropzone js

Download CSS file

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Now let’s create a form and you are done. For using this library you just need to write minimal code and rest everything is included by DropzoneJS.

MultiFile upload using DropZone
We have written the html code. Let’s write PHP code to handle multiple upload as this library doesn’t handle server-side implementation. This short PHP snippet upload the file in images folder. You can upload this file in any folder you want.

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DropzoneJS is highly customizable so you can easily customize it’s behaviour.

Check complete DropzoneJS configuration and customize them as per your need.


I have used DropzoneJS library for creating multiple file upload feature and found to be great in terms of UI,customization and everything. If you want to add something please let me know through comments.


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5 Responses to Multiple File Upload in PHP using DropzoneJS – Drag and Drop

  1. limon says:

    hi! your post is really interesting. I have been trying to use dropzone but with no success. I have followed every step I could find on the internet, even your steps to achieve this. When I upload the image the green mark appears and progress is completed 100 %. When doing a print on $_FILES on server side nothing happens. Dropzone calls directly this php function, so $_FILES should be available right? well, do you know what might be wrong with this? my code is exactly like yours..despite the upload folder. Oh, one more thing…I’m using codeigniter. thanks!

  2. Please check filename in form action.

  3. Maria Phạm says:

    Nice post. thank u so much.

  4. Shaniba Shanif says:

    Thank you so much. Using dropzone.js i am trying to create drag and drop feature to upload images.The above code uploads the image as soon as i drop the image, but i also wish to input following details in the form and on click of submit button it should get saved in database along with image. Can anyone help me for that.

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