Call by Value & Call by Reference in PHP with Example

What’s the difference between call by value & call by reference in PHP. This is the most important concept used in programming and sometime asked in interviews. Don’t worry if you are new to this terminology, you’ll learn this concept in this tutorial.

Call by Value & Call by Reference in PHP

Let’s understand this concept using some programming examples.

Now again write this program with minimal modification in argument.

Let’s understand the meaning of call by value & call by reference.

PHP MCQ for practice.

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Call by Value : In call by value if the argument within the function is changed, it doesn’t get changed outside of the function. As we seen in our first example.

Call by Reference : In call by reference we prepend an ampersand (&) to the argument name in the function definition. In passing value by reference can modify the variable value as we seen our second example.

Swap Two Numbers using Call By Value in PHP

Swap Two Numbers using Call By Reference in PHP

For further you can check php documentation.

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